Self Love, Self Care, Self Actualization

Self love and self care are the keys to self actualization! With this coaching package we hold ourselves in deepest respect and tenderness. We gently explore our current style of self care. We give thanks for all the ways that we are already taking care of ourselves. We own up to which strategies may be less than constructive. We vision possibility. What would self actualization look like and feel like for you? How can you become more of who you really are? Or, more accurately, how can you ‘unbecome’ that which you are not?! Oh what deliciously exciting territory! How can you radiate your unique spark more freely? The key, my dear, is self love and self care. And here I will support you in creating nourishing routines and habits of mind. And then we’ll practice. Intention & follow through. And then we’ll refine. Until you have a practice of self care that is so loving that you cannot help but thrive! 

3 MONTHS ~ $1200

6 months ~ $2200
20 coaching sessions within 6 months + weekly email support