tahni fornes joyful life coaching nelson british columbia

Hello!  Welcome dear one, I know that you want to live a life that you Love.

But do you know yet what that would look like and feel like?  Have you given yourself permission to dream?

I am here to support you in this journey of realizing your dreams, and creating a life that you love!



Intention is powerful

tahni fornes joyful life coaching nelson british columbia

Yes, intention is powerful!  Getting clear about your intentions begins with connecting to your wisdom and your desire.  I am going to support you in this process.  You know.  Out loud or somewhere small inside, you know what is best for you.  From your wisdom and desire comes your knowing.  From your knowing comes an intention.  I will help you get clear on your intentions.

Once you have an intention, you can take action!  Together we will explore which actions will be just right for you.  Action in service to intention.

It seems very straightforward, and it is very straightforward!  But that does not mean it is always easy.  And here is where coaching is amazing and effective and incredibly supportive.

I am your accountability buddy.  We agree on an action that feels just right for you (not too big, not too small!), and a time frame to complete it within.  We agree on a time to check in about said action.  If you did it, and it felt great, we celebrate!  If obstacles arose, we explore.  With tenderness and courage, we creatively explore what arises.  Through being present to what is, without judgement, shame or blame, shift happens.  Awareness heals.  We can re-wire our brains.  We can begin again.  And we begin again, with an intention.


Are you ready to create positive change in your life?

tahni fornes joyful life coaching nelson british columbia flower

Yes!  Then you are ready to embark on a wonderful and rewarding journey!  And I am so excited to be your sister, guide, and support. My passion is to inspire and support people in their journeys of healing and transformation so that they are free and empowered to live a life that they love!



The Container

When we first connect, and agree that we are a good fit to work together, we create the container.  This is our mutual commitment.  Are we committing to working together for a month?  3 months?  9 months?  Are we meeting by phone, in person, through video conference?  Does meeting once a week seem the best fit?

My commitment to you is that I will show up fully present, with your best interests in my heart.  I will show up with love.  It is my pleasure and joy to do so.

My request is that you show up in your authenticity.  I want you to be exactly as you are.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We will make loving space for all the feelings that are part of our humanity. The more we are able to accept what is, the faster we are able to create what we desire.


How I Work

I work with you in a way where I am recognizing your wholeness and creativity, and encouraging your wisdom to shine through.

I draw from my background in yoga, bodywork, and mindfulness practices, as well as various counselling theories.

Where it is needed, I will support you in dismantling limiting beliefs, healing old hurts, overcoming oppressive cultural conditioning, and building new resources. 

As we spoke of earlier, we will work with creative visioning.  You will have the opportunity to articulate your desires, and choose appropriate and timely action.

As you are ready, you will create routines that nourish and support you.  You will compost habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

It’s so exciting!  You are a powerful creator!


Authenticity & Embodiment

I identify as an authenticity and embodiment coach.  Authenticity and embodiment seem to me the most potent tools for personal transformation.  I believe that in order to truly lead joyful and healthy lives we need to be both embodied and authentic.

Your authenticity is your unique spark in the world.  Your authenticity is your truth, your gift, and your power.  Your authenticity is who you really are, and what you really feel.  If you are not in the habit of noticing your feelings, you can learn!  Your body can help tell you what you really feel!  To be embodied means to be fully alive, connected to your senses, your emotions, and your intuition.

It is my privilege and honor to support you in connecting with the wisdom of your body.  In our sessions together you can expect an opportunity to get really present and feel what is happening in this moment in your bodyheartmind.  The body is an incredible instrument of awareness, and it will be our ally in knowing, healing and creating.


The Tree Metaphor

tahni fornes joyful life coaching nelson british columbia tree metaphor

Imagine you are a tree.  A beautiful tree!

Your branches and leaves are how you show up in the world.  Not only how you express yourself and give your energy to life, but also how people receive and perceive you.

Your roots and soil are your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, your history.  Through the process of coaching we will be focusing on both the canopy and the root system of this wondrous tree!

As we make changes in the roots and soil; bio-remediating a limiting belief, adding nutrients to the soil in the forms of self love and self care; we will witness this wondrous tree blossom and grow!


Ready?  Let's Go!

You’re ready to blossom and grow!  You’re ready to take responsibility for your health and happiness. 

And I’m ready to see you, love you and support your vision. 

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