Joyful Life Coaching Packages

Connection Call

Let’s meet one another! During this call we will begin to get to know one another! We will explore what your specific coaching needs and desires are, and how I can best support you. As with all coaching sessions, this call is completely confidential.
Price ~ free! 

Single 90 minute Session

Most of my coaching sessions are 60 minutes, but here we have a luxurious 90 minutes to work together! Come to this session with an intention, something you would like to work with. As always, you can expect my full presence and undivided attention. We will work creatively with the heart of your intention. You can expect to feel energized and empowered at the close of this session, with a roadmap to achieving that which you desire!
Price ~ 150

Self Love, Self Care, Self Actualization

Self love and self care are the keys to self actualization! With this coaching package we hold ourselves in deepest respect and tenderness. We gently explore our current style of self care. We give thanks for all the ways that we are already taking care of ourselves. We own up to which strategies may be less than constructive. We vision possibility. What would self actualization look like and feel like for you? How can you become more of who you really are? Or, more accurately, how can you ‘unbecome’ that which you are not?! Oh what deliciously exciting territory! How can you radiate your unique spark more freely? The key, my dear, is self love and self care. And here I will support you in creating nourishing routines and habits of mind. And then we’ll practice. Intention & follow through. And then we’ll refine. Until you have a practice of self care that is so loving that you cannot help but thrive!
3 months ~ $1200. 10 coaching sessions within 3 months + weekly email support.
6 months ~ $2200. 20 coaching sessions within 6 months + weekly email support.

Birds Eye View

Let’s look at the Big Picture! Let’s take a step back and be with all that your life currently holds. That’s a lot. We will be with what is without judgement, shame or blame. And then you get permission to dream! It’s gonna be fun! Maybe a little edgy?! Once you begin to dream some of your limiting beliefs are going to make themselves known. And then we get to (gracefully, humbly, with gratitude) dismantle those limiting beliefs. At your pace. You are the boss of your life! Which means you get to take responsibility for your health and happiness. This is good news! So here is how we are going to do it. We are going to look at 8 core areas of your life. We are going to assess where you are and where you’d love to be! This in itself is already going to be a big journey- enlivening and liberating! But thats not all! As you are ready you will begin the process of creating change in one of these 8 core areas of your life. You now will know consciously where it is your heart wants to go. You now will have a North Star, a roadmap of desire. With this kind of knowing you can start, even with very small steps, to live into a life of your conscious design.
3 months ~ $1200. 10 coaching sessions within 3 months + weekly email support.
5 months ~ $1800. 10 coaching sessions w
ithin 5 months + weekly email support + bi-monthly connection calls

New Mama, Bright Mama!

Motherhood. How sacred and beautiful and sometimes… so.. exhaustingly impossibly difficult. In this coaching package we will celebrate your new role! We will explore how you can integrate self care into your new reality! We will question and explore what it means to be a parent. Undoubtedly there are some things about how you were raised that you would like to change. We can talk about it all. Let’s make some time and space to honor this profound life change. For Mamas of wee ones, let’s be with the heart opening that happens with birth. Let’s tell the truth about how the opening of your heart can bring both joy and grief. Let’s make space to explore how you were parented and how you would like to parent. Let’s get strategic about how to integrate self care into this new routine. Everyone’s excited about a new baby! Let us speak honestly about what is lost as well as what is gained. Then we can grieve what is lost. Which then allows us to step fully, wide awake, into the richness of the present. *The material we cover in this coaching package is great for Dads too! And other caregivers.. And especially I want to say that if you don’t have kids yet, but are thinking you might like to: This is rich territory. Exploring all of this beforehand is fantastic! Did you know that the study of epigenetics shows how our genes change in response to our environment? What is happening in our lives 3 months before conception absolutely affects our children! And our children’s experience in utero sets the foundation for the health of their nervous system. My desire is to support every parent in being the parent they want to be. Conscious parenting lays the foundation for a peaceful and joyful world!
2 months ~ $550. 5 coaching sessions within 2 months + unlimited email support. With this coaching package we can also divide some of the sessions into two ~ as it can be tricky for new moms to get an uninterrupted hour to themselves! 

Detox, De-Stress, Redirect, Rewire

You know it! Its time to make some changes! Maybe you’ve gotten a little stressed out. And now some of your coping habits are no longer serving you. Its okay. It happens to everybody. Awareness is the first step. Awareness heals. And from this place of awareness we can make choices; choices born of our intention. So what is your intention? How do you want to feel? In this coaching package we will take an honest and courageous look at what patterns and habits are no longer serving you, including habits of mind/patterns of thinking. We will explore to see if there is a need in you that is getting met by this pattern, and experiment with alternative ways of getting that need met! We can redirect our energy. We can rewire our brains! We will joyfully compost toxic habits and choose deeply nurturing and nourishing routines instead!
2 months ~ $850. 7 coaching sessions within 2 months + unlimited email support. 
3 months ~$1200. 10 coaching sessions within 3 months + unlimited email support. 

7 Chakras

In this coaching package you will learn about the chakras! We will explore the unique themes of each of these seven major energy centers along your spine! What is your relationship to each theme? Where can we bring healing? What are the lessons and opportunities for growth and transformation? We will systematically move through the seven chakras and address the themes as they apply to your life.
3 months ~ $850. 7 coaching sessions within 3 months + weekly email support.
5 months ~ $1000. 7 coaching sessions within 5 months + weekly email support.

Self Design!

You know best what is most important to you. You take the lead in your personal growth, healing and transformation! I am here to support you, explore with you, and be your accountability buddy. single session~ $150. 90 minutes of my full presence and undivided attention.
1 month ~ $500. 4 coaching sessions within 1 month + weekly email support.
2 months ~ $750. 6 coaching sessions within 2 months + weekly email support.
3 months ~ $1200. 10 coaching sessions within 3 months + weekly email support.

Wheel of the Year

What would be possible for you if you had steady loving support for a year?! Miracles, my friend. Beautiful miracles. Miracles are inevitable when we align with our hearts and move towards our joy!
1 year ~$4900. 3 coaching sessions a month + unlimited email support.