New Mama, Bright Mama!

Motherhood. How sacred and beautiful and sometimes… so.. exhaustingly impossibly difficult. In this coaching package we will celebrate your new role! We will explore how you can integrate self care into your new reality! We will question and explore what it means to be a parent. Undoubtedly there are some things about how you were raised that you would like to change. We can talk about it all. Let’s make some time and space to honor this profound life change. For Mamas of wee ones, let’s be with the heart opening that happens with birth. Let’s tell the truth about how the opening of your heart can bring both joy and grief. Let’s make space to explore how you were parented and how you would like to parent. Let’s get strategic about how to integrate self care into this new routine. Everyone’s excited about a new baby! Let us speak honestly about what is lost as well as what is gained. Then we can grieve what is lost. Which then allows us to step fully, wide awake, into the richness of the present. *The material we cover in this coaching package is great for Dads too! And other caregivers.. And especially I want to say that if you don’t have kids yet, but are thinking you might like to: This is rich territory. Exploring all of this beforehand is fantastic! Did you know that the study of epigenetics shows how our genes change in response to our environment? What is happening in our lives 3 months before conception absolutely affects our children! And our children’s experience in utero sets the foundation for the health of their nervous system. My desire is to support every parent in being the parent they want to be. Conscious parenting lays the foundation for a peaceful and joyful world!

2 months ~ $550
5 coaching sessions within 2 months + unlimited email support

With this coaching package we can also divide some of the sessions into two ~ as it can be tricky for new moms to get an uninterrupted hour to themselves!