Bird's Eye View

Let’s look at the Big Picture! Let’s take a step back and be with all that your life currently holds. That’s a lot. We will be with what is without judgement, shame or blame. And then you get permission to dream! It’s gonna be fun! Maybe a little edgy?! Once you begin to dream some of your limiting beliefs are going to make themselves known. And then we get to (gracefully, humbly, with gratitude) dismantle those limiting beliefs. At your pace. You are the boss of your life! Which means you get to take responsibility for your health and happiness. This is good news! So here is how we are going to do it. We are going to look at 8 core areas of your life. We are going to assess where you are and where you’d love to be! This in itself is already going to be a big journey- enlivening and liberating! But thats not all! As you are ready you will begin the process of creating change in one of these 8 core areas of your life. You now will know consciously where it is your heart wants to go. You now will have a North Star, a roadmap of desire. With this kind of knowing you can start, even with very small steps, to live into a life of your conscious design.

3 months ~ $1200
10 coaching sessions within 3 months + weekly email support

5 months ~ $1800
10 coaching sessions w
ithin 5 months + weekly email support
bi-monthly connection calls